Electrochemistry Group – September 2022

The establishment of the Electrochemistry Group at IQSC/USP took place effectively in 1973 under the coordination of Prof. Ernesto Rafael González, and in these 50 years, the Group has always held a prominent place in the scientific landscape of the country. Scientific production and the training of highly qualified human resources have always been strong points in the group’s activities, as evidenced by the indicators listed below.
The research activities carried out in the Group focus on electrochemical energy conversion systems, both from chemical to electrical and from electrical to chemical, with the reactions involved primarily related to the water and carbon dioxide cycles. Among the studied devices are fuel cells (H2/O2 cells, ethanol/O2, glycerol/O2, etc.), metal/air batteries, as well as electrochemical devices for hydrogen production and devices for obtaining organic fuels from carbon dioxide (CO2). In these electrochemical systems, both fundamental aspects involving electrochemical kinetics in model systems and technological aspects related to the development of these devices are studied. All these research activities are carried out by a team composed of 5 faculty members, 2 non-faculty researchers, 2 specialized technicians, and temporary collaborators such as postdoctoral researchers, graduate, and undergraduate students.